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By: Zubeida Goolam, Business Unit Director

User generated content, that’s the consumers sharing, usually unprompted, content about a brand on any social platform. An Elon University study found that over 65% of consumers are seeking out some sort of user-generated content before making a purchase.

What I want to talk about is the engagement that actually drives a person to talk and share brand content with others. I’m a consumer – brands try to come at me with all kinds of stealth and gimmicks. From that tricky, emotional TV ad that tries to make me squeeze a salty but can’t because before falling for it, I want to know if any of this gunk is true. I want to experience something to make me believe. To make sure that they do exactly what they say they do.

Brands need to understand that experiences change peoples’ perspective of their products – be it good or bad. So before you make an obscenely expensive TVC with fake wind blowing on a models fake hair and fat baby angels dancing in the sky, consider making your consumer experience memorable enough to want to talk about it. If you’re offering a service make sure your sale staff is on point and ready to help, especially when things go wrong. If it’s a product make sure that even someone who has been using your product for years gets that ‘that’s why I buy X all the time’. Makes for awesome UGC.

And as for all you social media ‘I got paid to post this but I’m going to pretend that I use it and I like it’ celebrities, we see you.

#Rant Over.

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On May 5, 2015
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