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I heard this quote by Pete Cashmore (CEO and founder of the popular blog Mashable) a while ago and thought it couldn’t be more appropriate in 2015 – ‘Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun’

Brands are seeing value in engaging with their consumers on a social platforms because the truth is, if done well, social media is the quickest way to build brand affinity. New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.

Here our top five social media marketing trends for 2015

  1. Converged media is on the raise – In 2015 we are going to see an ‘avalanche’ of converged media. Gone are the days of presenting separate social media plans per platform, now it is an expectation to integrate all social media platforms and to use the website as the foundation of great content. Photos, videos, audio files, slideshows, historical imagery and user generated content fully woven together gives readers a stunning story. PESO – Paid, Earned, Shared Owned media needs to converge. The PESO model generates high returns, brand awareness, credibility, sales and market leadership – OSEP reversed.
  2. Social advertising will increase – Most of the popular social media platforms have made it clear that they will be demoting promotional posts.  This means that brands that have something to sell on social media will be forced to use advertising. Organic search will drop as there is so much content competing for the same eyeballs. Brands will need to pay to get their content seen.  Unfortunately, you can no longer avoid this.
  3. Growing need in image tracking – Photos capture what people are most passionate about but for a large majority of posts have no text reference relating back to their brands.  Brands should track the geographic footprint of their products and analyze consumer behavior via photos as well. There is an opportunity here to develop monitoring, tracking and analytics tools specific to image sharing.
  4. Proximity marketing will break through – proximity marketing has the potential to be hugely powerful, especially when combined with data from social graph, which makes locations more personal and relevant.
  5. Content and connection based networks – With the massive flood of content out there, it’s much easier to get to what you want when you’re seeing something coming from connections that you trust. There is a shift to more brands writing posts on LinkedIn or other industry sites rather than on their own blogs. LinkedIn will continue to develop its highly successful blogging feature into a full blown content network offering more formats – including video and presentations with more advertising options.

The hardest thing for marketers is to turn over the brand experience to the community and let them define it… but this is already happening.

By: Jeanette Moseneke

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On February 23, 2015

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