The power of hash tag


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To think this made complete sense to the average social media user would make some of our previously famous philosophers from yester year turn in their grave – the evolution of language has been augmented by the digital age.
For the social media novices, a hash tag is word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest & most recently Facebook to identify messages on a specific topic. What do we know about #hash tags?

  1. Twitter – they were made famous by Twitter
  2.  Real-time search – they instantly link and update a topic to a group of like-minded users in real time
  3.  Relevance – in order for a #hash tag to make sense it needs to be relevant
  4. Privacy settings – #hash tag will not appear in search if your account is private or protected
  5. Spaces – #hash tags cannot contain any spaces even if the #hash tag contains multiple words. They need to be grouped together but to differentiate between the words capitals can be used #LivePlusRocksConnectivation
  6. Numbers – numbers are supported by #hash tags #50ShadesOfGrey
  7. Special symbols – symbols are not supported by #hash tags &%$(*)!^ and the @ symbol means and does something completely different. Using @ before a person’s Twitter handle will tweet at them directly, letting them know they have been referenced on a Tweet or message. A #hash tag will not.
  8.  Anywhere – #hash tags can appear anywhere in the message e.g. #LivePlus has a unique offering #Connectivation will be a game changer in the market
  9. Spam – Don’t over tag a single message. Twitter officially recommends two #hash tags per Tweet.
  10. Length – make sure your #hash tag isn’t too long. If it is, chances are the #hash tag is not a popular one, meaning you run the risk of no one seeing that post unless they’re already one of your followers.

Now that we understand what a #hash tag is here are some ways that businesses can use them as part of their social media strategy:

  • Be obvious – Use #hash tags that are both easy to remember, crystal clear & relevant #ConnectedActivation
  • Choose only one #hash tag to speak for your brand and strengthen consumer awareness #ConnectedActivation
  • #Hash tag offline too – much as #hash tags were born online they generally create a buzz outside the Internet as well. Placing a hash tag in a well trafficked public location, television, stickers or print can drive #hash tag use
  • Use campaign specific #hash tags when running a promotion #DoubleYourPoints
  • Don’t use inaccurate #hash tags. It is the social media’s version of spam. Really, it’s one of the ways to isolate current and potential followers all at once. Use relevant hash tags that are in line with your voice on social media and one your followers will acknowledge

If you don’t follow our advice, this is how your brand could sound to your audience…queue Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake


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On June 3, 2014

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