A new Twisp on cigarette advertising

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Just as the old folk at the National Department of health thought that the Tobacco Products Control Act had laid the template for banning of all recreational drug advertising, comes Twisp, the E-Cigarette company making smoking once again fashionable.


In the 2000 bestseller, The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell brings our attention to one important fact that set smoking cult alight; smoking is not cool. It is the people who smoke who are cool. My case in point are the characters chosen to represent the Twisp lifestyle: hot chick at the bar, the dapper fist pumping young manager in the office and a successful coffee shop owner guy rocking a fresh hair cut. None seem to have much personality, yet effortlessly ooze the cool that comes with vaping. (Smoking in E-cigarette terms)


What does all this amount to however? That little things really can make a big difference. The new Twisp ad appeals to current lovers of smoking through their innovative blends, but even more so entices younger and perhaps first time smokers, encouraging a new perspective on smoking termed a “healthier alternative”. Strange considering the e-cigarette is wrapped in the same harmful nicotine as found in regular cigarettes.


One can only imagine what all this means marketers for spirit distillers and brewers alike… Dust out your text books and refresh your minds on what are the possible human needs, that can lead to a new use being created for existing products!


This ad serves as food for thought on how to make a comeback for an industry that has been submerged in dark marketing. The opposite end is also one to look out for however: the possibility that this new industry could be the new recruitment tool for would be smokers, who’s young lungs have yet to mature to the full strength of the good of cigarette.

Lerato Moleko – Innovation Architect at Live Plus Marketing

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On March 18, 2016

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