Crossing the divide


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By: Jeanette Moseneke

Crossing the divide

Making the cross over from being the client to working at the agency is a daunting one, because you go from barking orders to now having to be the “chief-slave” and delivering on what is expected for a fraction of the budget. Queue Life of PI meme

Mind you, this is a choice I have made before. My first decision to go the agency route was based on the unknown; it looked cool from the outside looking in; industry parties, fraternizing with creative types and the idea of wining & dining potential and established clients appealed to me. Professionally I craved a wider scope to the world of digital.

Brand custodian

As a client you are a brand custodian and having worked for two out of the four South African large banks, I understand that there is a lot more at stake when it comes to rules that apply to the brand and how far ‘cool’ concepts can be stretched to make the “suits” (Business areas) comfortable. As a client in a specialist area I still took directive from a business areas that knew very little about what I did and quite frankly all they wanted to see was a positive impact on their bottom line post-campaign to deem our activities a success…I needed more power to influence.

Agency life

Off I went to a specialised digital agency that had fantastic ideas on moving its clients’ brands from their hands into the minds of discerning consumers. However, sitting across the table from a client while presenting my blue ocean ideas and then being met with a blank look is not ayoba.

In no time I could almost always read clients that would take on our ideas and ones that would revert back with: “What is wrong with what we are doing? If it’s not broken why fix it.” The work was great, I learned a lot in my tenure at agency and I worked like the devil.

Agency life take two

My decision to go the agency route this time around feels like a culmination of all the roles I have been active in throughout my career and personal life. I live CONNECTIVATION™ every day now, it answers all my cravings for the power to influence brands, while I watch the ideas I help develop come into existence and remain sustainable. I am so proud to be part of the pioneering LIVE+ team that will become the custodian of RELEVANCE.

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On April 30, 2014

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